As the 14th century dawns, Scotland’s survival hangs by a spider’s thread. The maniacal Edward Longshanks of England schemes to annex the ancient kingdom to his growing realm. But a small, dark-skinned boy named James Douglas, inspired by his headstrong lass, refuses to move from the monarch’s path. The Spider and the Stone is the thrilling yet little-known story of the war and forbidden love that saved Scotland and destined the founding of America.   Read More
In 13th-century France, heretics protect an ancient scroll that holds shattering revelations about Jesus of Nazareth. Esclarmonde de Foix, a noblewoman of Occitania, must defy the most powerful pope in history to preserve the Cathar faith. In this epic of esoteric intrigue, crusading fanaticism, and religious war, Christianity will enter its darkest hour and emerge forever scarred.   Read More
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